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Miscellaneous Pictures

Color pictures of Ohio Riverfront from 1940's

These Ohio River pictures are from the Charles W. Cushman collection at Indiana University

Thanks to Curt King/Chicago for copying and preparing the photos.

Mt. Vernon Churches

Ohio Riverboats

Showboat - Cotton Blossom

Classic Homes

Buildings - some old, some real old...

Mt. Vernon Schools

Mt. Vernon Events from History

One of our contributors sent in these pictures taken in the Fall, 2010. Click on picture for larger image. Return with browser return.

Robin Hill on Lower NH Road - 2010

Court House Soldiers - 2010

Alles Brothers building - 2nd & College - 2010

Fourth and Main looking West - 2010

Sherbourne Park - 2010

Rosenbaum Building Renovation - August, 2013

Ray Kessler, our resident historian sent in these pictures taken in August, 2013. Click on picture for larger image. Return with browser return.

Interior store

Bare bulb

Elevator view


Not so safe stairs

Old floors

Clothes rack

Regular stairs


Basement view

Elevator view


Building facade


Base of rug display

Elevator view


Roof view

View out the top

Elevator view

Temporary jacks

There are bricks under


Elevator view

Elevator view

Rug display rack

A Posey from the past

We received a note and picture from Kenneth Smith, of Mayfield, Kentucky. The picture is below. Mr. Smith indicates that his grandmother was named Posey and her father was from either Indiana or Kentucky. His name was Sam Posey. Mr. Smith, indicates this picture is of someone named Posey, but does not have the particulars. The picture is believed to be from the Civil War era. Anyone recognize this young man?

Local Bank Note

January, 2014

Mr. Bob Young from Ft. Wayne, IN, sent us this image of a bank note he has had in his possession for quite some time. He was born in Mt. Vernon on Main Street. One of the names on the note is President JB Young. Our Mr. Young is trying to determine if he could be related to the signer of the note. If any of you Mt. V/Posey County historians have any information, please pass it along and I will make sure it gets to Bob.